• Basically satellite television uses radio waves sent out by satellites. A satellite dish picks up the radio waves and sends a signal to your television with the information contained in the radio waves. Most signals are encrypted which prevents people from recieving it without paying. Satellite televion often has bad reception during heavy storms due to rainclouds and wind disrupting the radio waves. Cable television is transmitted to your TV using underground coaxial cables ( Unlike satellite television, cable TV uses radio frequency signals which are sent directly through the cable. This prevents weather from interfering with your TV reception. The price of both varies depending upon where you live. In wealthier densely populated areas (e.g. New York) cable TV providers can plant only a few cables to serve millions of people. This makes it cheaper for everyone who buys from them. However, in places like Africa where many people can't afford TV and are spread out over large areas, individual cables will need to be planted for each town. Due to the const of installation and relatively few number of people using the cable providers often won't provide service. If they do it is generally expensive. In places like this satellite TV is cheaper because there is no cost of cable installation, and maintenance; only the cost of broadcasting the radio waves.

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