• 1) It would be surprising for me if they did, but I just made the experience that possibly my adrenal glands have probably been growing back, so maybe I would not be so surprised: 2) It seems also to happen that some people have two or even three gallbladders: "Triplication of the gallbladder is a very rare congenital anomaly of the biliary tract; there are only eleven reported cases to date. Gallbladder multiplications are not likely to be discovered unless associated with cholelithiasis, sludge, cholecystitis and carcinoma. Here we report an incidentally diagnosed triplicate gallbladder in a patient with sigmoid diverticulitis; two of the triplicate gallbladder were demonstrated with ultrasound and computed tomography, and an additional galballder was found at surgery." Source: So maybe you had initially two gallbladders and they removed only one. 3) I think you could find some help here:
  • ive had my gallbladder taken out and thats never happened to me

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