• The first thing that comes to mind, and you probably already thought of it, is to change the fuel filters. If you are not getting a warning light in the dash it may be as simple as the air filter. Otherwise it may be an O2 sensor or even a Knock sensor.
  • not much of an answer, when it runs rough can you smell gasoline coming out the tailpipe? If so you may need to check spark plug wires, maybe some are loose. Possible that one of your coil packs is starting to go out also, or spark plugs are fouled. Tough to diagnose without seeing it happen.
  • might be water leaking onto cylinders. if lots of white smoke when running rough probably cracked head. it probably only does it after sitting a couple days, right.
  • I would ck my fuel filter first if it hasnt been changed in 6 months or so

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