• People in it suck... or I am out of the loop and don't feel like looking at it anymore, when I am not involved.
  • The only time I've ever done it was when the thread had become a conversation between two or three other people and I had lost interest in it.
  • People start irrationally arguing and there are dozens of irrational irate comments mucking up my box.
  • Oh, if there's a long conversation going on between two people which is of no real concern to me, I'll unsubscribe. I mean... when my comments light is on it's like Christmas! I'm so stoked to hear from other Answerbaggers! But if it's turning on every two seconds and all I'm getting outta the deal is updates on somebody's rhododendrons, it's time to unsubscribe. :)
  • Usually if I'm not needed in that particular conversation anymore and it keeps getting longer and longer.
  • Usually when someone is being rude or mean.
  • The only reason I do this is when I simply thanked the person who answered and then, someone else commented, the answerer replies, and then they strike a conversation that 1- does not interest me at all and 2- doesn't concern me either....
  • I usually unsubcribe if people troll or if they talk too much on the thread.
  • Only time I have done it was when it seemed wise to give the other people some....umm....privacy! Comment menage a trois just ain't my thing :)
  • I haven't yet. I'll let you know what pushes me to it when it happens.

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