• The medication Viagra Sildenafil Citrate) is prescribed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It is not given to help anyone enhance their sexual encounters. There are young men who experience erectile dysfunction and for which may benefit from Viagra. Like all medications, it should be taken under the care of a physician.
  • Can young men use Viagra??? Yes -- but they shouldn't unless they have a prescription... there are possible side affects for people without "ED"... see more here: Combining viagra with other drugs can also endanger your sex life.
  • Young men shouldnt need to!
  • okay i dunno the legality of prescription drug abuse so I m just going to tell a story that definitively isn't ME. But this guy i don't know is young and isn't prescribed it and was given some on several occasions by i guess what you'd call a fuck buddy (who i dunno either but got from her dad's med cabinet) and it definitly had some odd visual effects not hallucinations but weird color changing and made this guy i dunno really horny really easily but as far as stamina difference was about the same (this guys i dunno doesn't have ED btw) besides that story i wouldn't know anything about mixing with other drugs to counter one drugs impotence effects
  • Yes any age of men can consume viagra. Many sex experts has proved that generic viagra is one of the best and worthy options to treat erectile dysfunction. Some peoples try penis shock therapy but still they didn't found any good results so they also go for generic pills which is easily available at better price and also show effective results as the branded pills. There are different types of initmacy pills are effective like silagra,caverta, tadapox,tadalis etc.
  • young Men ?? please specify the age slab like 14-19 age or above 19-25 age or above 25 age. so it would be more comfortable to answer on this. Sildenafil citrate , viagra or any other ED pills are prescribed drugs, and can only taken after doctor consultant.
  • ask your doctor

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