• It could mean that they're nervous or anxious about something. Or just a habit that they've never broken.
  • I twist my hair often and it's a really bad habit. I do it when I'm really nervous or under pressure (oral reports, playing sports, conversations, and being alone with teachers...etc.) I haven't broken this habit and I probably won't because I do it so much. Hope this helps.
  • I was a "hair-twirler" till I grew up and got away from the people who made me nervous and anxious. It was a form of comfort to me, like kids who have their blankets to rub against their cheeks.
  • For me it's usually when I'm too nervous to keep my hands still, or when I'm thinking about somthing - I almost always flip a pencil or similar between my fingers when I think, and if there's no pencil nearby, there's always my hair ^^

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