• Some of the security features might be broken, that they'll look for the special dotted line or whatever and it'll be smudged up. I'd say, see if you can exchange it for a new check at work- if they want to charge you $50 for a new check (which they do sometimes for lost checks, since they have to issue a stop payment on the old one, but you'd actually trade this in...) then just try to cash it, I'd say.
  • I think they will cash it, It has happened to me before and they accepted it. it just depends on the condition of the check, as long as it is not torn apart you should be fine.
  • Well, I guess I can answer the question now. Luckily the check had been folded up and the signature and everything was fully intact. I cashed it with no problem. Apparently the microprinting and signature was enough for it not to be a problem.
  • ok to deposit it
  • Do you know the penalty for money laundering?
    • mushroom
      Especially if you use Tide, or so I hear.
    • Linda Joy

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