• i have dated gal's on the pill....i thought the green one's were the inert pills.......the white one's are the one's that count.....
  • Yes you are still protected! If the individual is being consistant with their pills, mainly by taking at the same time every day and not missing any, or if did miss take ASAP one should not have then chances of being or becoming pregnant. If however pills are missed regularily it can and will happen that one could get pregnant. As far as the innactive pills go they as you know are a placebo, only to allow ones body to have a period. It is possiable to skip these pills and just keep going on the protective pills staight through (so not break between jut take contraceptive pill always) This however will either not allow the individual to have a period, or make them spot constantly untill their body either adjusts to the constant levels of hormone or continue untill one goes backon the regular schedual of pills. By no means is this information I am providing to be uses as your main source of medical advice. It is always wise to contact ones doctor if one is going to use the pill consecutively, with no break. AS FAR AS protected goes, if followed properly without missd dosages one should not get pregnant.

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