• Current China - People's Republic of China Cuba - Republic of Cuba (República de Cuba) North Korea - Democratic People's Republic of Korea Laos - Lao People's Democratic Republic Vietnam - Socialist Republic of Vietnam Former Democratic Republic of Afghanistan People's Socialist Republic of Albania People's Republic of Angola People's Republic of Benin People's Republic of Bulgaria People's Republic of the Congo Czechoslovak Socialist Republic People's Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Finnish Democratic Republic German Democratic Republic Political Committee of National Liberation (Greece) People's Revolutionary Government of Grenada People's Republic of Hungary Hungarian Soviet Republic Democratic Kampuchea People's Republic of Kampuchea Mongolian People's Republic People's Republic of Mozambique People's Republic of Poland Socialist Republic of Romania Somali Democratic Republic Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Tuvinian People's Republic Democratic Republic of Vietnam People's Democratic Republic of Yemen Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
  • There is no real communist countries. Because communism is a stateless and classless society. And there is no such countries. But there is many countries who call themself communist. More than China, Northkorea, Cuba, Vietnam And Laos. Moldova in Europe, Belarus in Europa, and Nepal in Asia. Moldova, Belarus and Nepal is all democratic, so they are more communist countries than dicatorships like Northkorea and former The Soviet Union. But real communism is without a state and without the class society.

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