• take it to the vet.
  • Take the poor thing to the vet imediately it could have gotten into something and is having a reaction to it.
  • You should take it to the vet, it could be serious and it's got to be uncomfortable at best for the dog. If you can't afford to pay for the vet, you really shouldn't have the puppy because it's unfair and even cruel to leave it in a state which is detrimental to its well being. Some vets have payment plans, or if you live somewhere that has a subsidised vet service you could try that. For example in England people with a low income in receipt of housing benefits can take their pets to the PDSA.
  • You NEED to get off the computer and call your VET! It sounds like she has been exposed to something that has caused a major allergic reaction. It could be anything from food, to chemicals (house or yard), some sort of toxin she ingested...or even vaccines, if she recently had those! If it goes into a respiratory situation, your pup maybe at very serious risk. PLEASE CALL YOUR VET NOW...I doubt she is comfortable at all...and she needs to be seen ASAP.
  • Do not waste any more time take the puppy to the Vet as soon as possible. It is obviously in a state of great discomfort.
  • Get the dog to the vet NOW before you regret it!!! My sweetheart was vomiting and for a weekend and he passed away before I got to get him to the animal hospital. If you love your baby, get them to the vet ASAP!
  • Take her to the vet. Nobody here can diagnose your dog without even looking at it!
  • The best and only thing to do, is to have a vet check her out. She must be so uncomfortable, poor baby! The vet is the only one who can determine what is causing this, and treat it properly. I would not wait any longer to take her in, a week is already too long, for her to be suffering like this, especially if her legs and face are bleeding and swelling. She is obviously in pain, and should have already been taken to the vet when this started. Don't make her go through any more pain. Take her in today!
  • A trip to the vet is probably better than asking random people on a social media site.
  • take your puppy to the vet like someone said

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