• If you're a boxer, and he's never boxed before -- you kind of have this one in the bag even if he does have a few inches on you. Start off by hitting him in the kidneys then go for the face.
  • Im not sure I agree with that. just because he hasn't been trained in boxing dosnt mean that he cant fight. Just because someone hasn't told him how to punch dosnt mean that he cant land a staggering blow. 1st off, play around with him a little, don't wade into the fight until you see how aggressive he's going to be. 2nd Watch his feet, there is a good chance that has never worked on placement when he throws a punch most likely leaving him off balance and out of place to block a counter, giving you the chance to land a blow. 3rd Aim for the chin or nose at all times. If you break his nose he cant breath. If you land solidly to the chin hell be seeing stars. Sure body shots are a great thing when boxing a guy that you know has been trained and is most likely in better shape. Killing the body kills the head. But in this case, id go straight for the head
  • figure out how fast/often he throws a jab and look for its tell. when you see him about to jab slip it and get inside so he cant use his reach, go to work on his body and head with hooks and uppercuts. you either have to stay out of his range for straight punches or go way inside so hes choked up
  • dont judge a book by the cover but just play it clever and watch him and let him do all the work until hes open then wallop him few times and let him do all the work all over again
  • You need to fight like a rabbit. Get in and get out quickly.

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