• He was the first to get found out :-) I doubt it very much.
  • President Kennedy fooled around and the public,as a whole, knew about it.His relationship with Marilyn Monroe was know and in the media.
  • Of course not! William Jefferson Clinton was the one who got caught, the joy he brought to so many fanatical right-wingers who just loved to impeach him, despite the overwhelming public opposition -- Now, just look with what a sorriest excuse for a President they came up with to occupy the most influential offices of authority and power in America.
  • No he wasn't and neither was Kennedy. There were allegations for many years that FDR had an illicit affair with his personal secretary. Warren G Harding Allegedly had a 19 y/o mistress who frequently visited him at the white house during his presidency. The ass was even dumb enough to not only write her love letters and poetry on white house stationary but he wrote out child support checks for his mistress and his love child on white house checks. And they call George Bush an imbesill. I bet George would have more common sense than to do that dumb shit.
  • Absolutely! I also believe that Elvis and the Easter Bunny run a massage parlor out of their double-wide in Junction City, Kansas. I have my believer stuck in Turbo Mode.
  • I do not believe he was, no.
  • I know for a fact that he was not the first President to fool around. My favorite saying is "Will somebody please give Bush a bj so that we can impeach him?"
  • No, I do not believe so.
  • Of course not. He was just the only one wrongly impeached for it by a Republican mob.
  • Are you kidding? JFK made Clinton look like an amateur when it came to smooth pimpin'.
  • Lord no. Ever hear of Ted Kennedy?

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