• I've never been asked that, come to think of it they never ask for my registration either. It seems to me that they are being overly suspicious for some reason or another, or just a jack-ass. They will find out that information easily enough, and probably already have before they've pulled you over (they run the plates before they even walk to your car). Sounds to me like they are just being asses.
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      They're paid to be suspicious. And yes, they could easily find out by running the plates. When they ask for the registration, they're doing two things. One, usually getting a peek in your glove box, which is where most people keep their registration and, the second most common place people (even bad guys) keep their guns (most common being under the seat.) Second reason is they try to get you to talk. Liars have a hard time keeping their story straight, so he's gonna ask you questions that he already knows the answers to and he's gonna ask you the same question a few different times, just to see if you give the same answer. Law Enforcement 101. It's nothing personal. That's what they're supposed to do.
  • Well, if you are honest, that will be a point in your favour once they do a background check.
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      You need a really good reason to run a criminal history check on people nowadays. Most times, you'll never gonna know.
  • In 20+ years of law enforcement, I've never asked anyone that when I asked for license & registration.
  • Testing, Testing, over!

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