• Absolutely! There is no requireent for you to have a hosting service set up in advance. In fact, it is very common for people to reserve domain names without hosting. All you have to do is go to any domain registrar and purchase the domain. Personally, I have always had good luck with, but you can go with any registrar you like. Then, once you find a hosting solution that you like, you just inform the registrar of what DNS server your hosting company tells you to use, and all traffic to your domain will be directed to the hosting server. Hope this helps...
  • Of course. Buying (or reserving) a domain name is a completely independent process. Nobody can bind you or oblige you to buy hosting when you buy a domain name. As a matter of fact be careful, because to purchase a domain name will have a wide price range. Buying only the domain should cost less than $10 per year. If the price is higher than that is because they are probably trying to sell you a "combo", in other words domain + hosting (or other services). An interesting "trick": you can have let's say 5 domains and buy only hosting for one ("main"), and have the other 4 ("secondary") forwarded to the main domain. This means that if someone types one of the "secondary web address" they will be automatically referred to the "main" domain. The forwarding service is included in the domain price per year. In this example you are paying for one hosting and using 5 domains (they can be as much as you want). Hope this helps!
  • Heres a fun site thats free Easy to use and free. You won't get any hits from google. Search engines have'nt found mine. You also go to this site there cheaper than They have 24/7 support and you can build a website, host and buy your domain name from them $6.95 for .com and $1.99 for .info and host for $3.99 per month here’s the link It's best to deal with one company that way everything is in one spot. hope this helped
  • Yes, Absolutely! You can reserve a domain name online without domain hosting.

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