• iam not very much knowledgeable in allopathic medicine becausse i practise alternative medicine...iam interested to learn more..if you have the answer please reply to me calcium-magnesium supplementation therapy it is necessary for the patient to change their eating and supplement habits f calcium-magnesium were added to aspirin that aspirin’s effects would mimic calcium- EDTA or magnesium-EDTA chelation therapy Aspirin and minerals taken together might increase serum calcium without creating a drain on bone reserves and reduce the hazards of overly acidic stomachs.
  • Calcium and a host of other material is a part of the patch that is described as Hardening of the Arteries. It may seem like excess calcium is the cause but its not. The fact is that a lack of dietary calcium is one of the reasons that this condition occurs. Yes Chelation therapy will remove the blockages and clean out the arteries but... You need to reduce the acid build up that is the cause of the disease in the first place. Supplementation with a high quality mineral and vitamin supplement including additional vitamin D3, calcium, magnesium and a full trace mineral complex is essential in repairing the damage. If you are going to use chelation therapy you should supplement with minerals. I also suggest that you consider using a quality CoQ10 supplement to protect and build back up your heart.

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