• That would be an illegal act. Be careful - if you do this and get evidence that she is not telling the truth, this evidence will not help you in any legal matters as it would have been obtained illegally. Plus if she finds out, you could face legal consequences. [update] To the person that down rated this answer, thank you very much.
  • As Karl says... It's not really something you are allowed to do... Her email is private, period.
  • As mentioned it is illegal and in a shady moral area, but here's a link that might help. A great way to start if it's web based e-mail is to try the password recovery process.
  • Send me her email address, I'll suss her out for you.
  • If she had a one night stand, maybe you ought to find someone better, who is 100% loyal and deserves your love and devotion.
    • officegirl
      "100% loyal" - unreasonable expectations anyone?
  • Actually, if you are married to her, she ought to share all her emails. Ask her for the password, and or ask to see her emails. If she refuses, you know something is up, and if you do not have kids, look for a better person whom you can call your wife.
  • It would really be more important to try to build the trust between you both...and that wouldn't be a good first step. If you can't trust her, (which obviously is true)...perhaps you're really looking for more proof to leave her, when it sounds like you have enough already.
  • Don't bother. Either make up your mind you trust her or you don't. If you don't trust her, split up and end it. Don't lower yourself into becoming a spy or worse yet, a whacked out husband/boyfriend stalker that can't deal with a relationship that is over.
  • Best not to even think of it. What good would it do? If you don't enjoy being with her then leave her. If you do then stay with her. Really as simple as that. Appreciate that she is attractive and desirable.
  • Hmm! Too bad, I'd drop her for just once
  • If she uses a computer that you have access too, and keylogger should do the trick. That said, nothing good will come of your spying on her...not for you, and certainly not for your relationship. If you know she had a one night stand, you already have all the information you need to decide how to proceed from here on out.
  • i'd find a fwb
  • 01-01-2017 68charger nailed it. Make up your own mind whether to stay or leave. If you decide to stay then you should protect her honor by NOT exposing her behavior. And if you can't stomach that, then leave.
  • Just ask to see her phone and if she is still cheating or she refuses, kick her butt to the curb.
  • sept cant do that illegal.... if you have told her you forgive her etc ..just try and trust her and get over it!!!!! .......but myself id never re trust a cheater!!!!!! cheaters are liars ......

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