• No one can say what the cause is before running some tests. If the pain is just centered around the lower right abdomen it could be an inflammed appendix. It could be many things. An MRI can be used to image the area and look for anything unusual. The doctor can probe the area in pain to pinpoint the possible organs or areas that are causing the pain. Pain is a signal that something has changed and it's time to see a doctor. Don't rely on the internet to diagnose a potentially serious condition. Go see a doctor.
  • I agree with the response from JackNicklaus, no one can diagnose a medical problem over the net. However, here are a few things you can ask yourself: Are you constipated? This is the most common reason people have abdominal pain. Try this, when you are having a pain, (and I am assuming the pain comes and goes and is not a constant ongoing pain, which would indicate that you should go immediately to your doctor or hospital.) Place your hands over your abdomin when the pain starts and give your entire belly a good shaking. If you are experiencing gas pain, the shaking may alleviate the pain temporarily and you may assume that a good bran or fiber rich cereal will eliminate the problem the next morning. However, If the pain starts and remains primarily in the lower right quadrant of your abdomin (above the hip bone and below the rib cage) you may be experiencing appendicitis and need to go to your nearest hospital. Having been through this particular medical condition I can relate to what it feels like. Although the pain is located mostly on the right it can still radiate across the abdomin and feel like your entire belly hurts. This can also be accompanied with feelings of bloating, constipation and lack of appetite.with or without nausea. The area will feel tender to the touch as well. Check your temperature. A low grade fever will accompany an infection and is common with appendicitis. Only you can judge what your pain is like. Be careful but don't over react, it is probably gas. If you are nauseated too, you may have a touch of food poisoning, but you would be throwing up most likely and have a nasty case of diarrea. Without these symptoms I would tend to rule out food poisoning. If you know that you have a good diet that is high enough in fiber I would doubt constipation, but you need to be honest about the amount of fiber you eat. Most of us don't get enough in a daily diet.( White bread tends to clog the pipes). A hot bath or heating pad often aides in relieving crampy pains, but don't take a chance if you are not sure. See your doctor if in doubt. Hope you feel better.
  • Both of the prior answers are good, and I agree with them that you should seek medical assistance if the pain is severe or ongoing. I want to relate an experience that I had over ten years ago. One morning as I was preparing for work, I noticed a dull pain in my lower right abdomen. It was located just above and to the inside of my hip bone. I thought it was just gas pains so I ignored it. Later on in the day, some people at work were sending out for ice cream sundaes, and asked me if I would like one. I jokingly replied that since I had some mild abdominal pain on the lower right side, I might have appendicitis. I declined a sundae, "in case I needed surgury later". I left wok at 5:00pm, and went home. That evening, as I still had pain, I didn't eat any dinner. I went to bed around 10:00pm, and fell immediately to sleep. Around midnight, I woke up with even more severe pain. I went to the guest bedroom and read a book, figuring that I still had gas pains, and that after a while it would go away. Between midnight and 4:00am, my pain continued to increase, to the point that I couldn't stay still to read my book. I tried shifting to numerous different positions, but none of them seemed to relieve the pain. Around 4:00am, I had a bowel movement, and this temporarily "took the edge off" of the pain. However, it was still present, and had started radiating down into my groin area and even being felt in my testicles. At around 5:00am, I woke up my (now ex-) wife and told her I needed to go to the hospital. At this point I was certain I had appendicitis, since the pain was still centered in my lower right abdomen. My exwife was a medical professional (CRNA) and did not think that my symptoms were appendicitis. She drove me to the ER of our local hospital, where the attending MD took one look at me and said "kidney stone". An IVP confirmed that this was so, and I was admitted to the hospital for treatment. My urologist told me that the kidney stone was completely blocking the ureter (the tube that drains the kidney), and that if they hadn't done something about it, my right kidney would have likely shut down within the next hour or two. He said that if that had occurred, it could possibly have been irreversible. advice is...if you are having sufficient pain in your lower abdomen that you are writing about it on the internet, CONSULT WITH YOUR DOCTOR!
  • any pain over 4 hrs go see the Doctor i was sworn to that i had the stomace flu. NOT!!!! i had emergency appendectomy
  • Appendex
  • any pain that doesnt go away or gets worce over time needs to be checked out by a doctor. With abdomen pain always keep a sharp eye out for dark or merkey stool, and by dark I mean black. It is a give away that you have internal bleeding and need to get to the hospital. Doctors are there for pain, hospitals are there for emergency.
  • Having the same problem!!! My pain is more to my right side. I had four hernias in the past and with the pinching sometimes pulling pain that comes and goes this was my first thought. But went to the surgeon hernia. My gyno is ordering a second pelvic ultra sound (had one last year because felt pain at gyno aptmt when she pressed internally on ovaries)But they only found small cysts on right side. Now a year later this pain comes on with slight movement, turning my body, walking, wearing tight pants at the waist.It's definitely getting worse, last episode made me nauseous and felt gravely ill. Have my ultra sound friday then she said next coarse of action is a colonoscopy. Also I'm getting up every night to go to the bathroom and have some bloating but bms are normal.
  • I was having severe pain in my lower right abdomen and I went to the emergency room. They performed a CT scan and everything checked out OK. I scheduled an appointment with my doctor and she said that it could be trapped air in my intestines. When it hurts really bad, if I push in on the area firmly and then let up, the pain gets much better and I can feel the air moving around. I never knew that air could get in there and hurt like that consistantly. Maybe this helps. Jerry.
  • See your doctor immediately! It sounds to me as if you are having an appendicitis attack. This can be very serious.
  • I had the same feeling with apendicitis then it finally went to my right side, you could see the lump, it was awsome, size of a grapefuit
  • go to a doctor if the pain lasts more than 2 hours. You can have a bladder problem just as well you may be having a major stomach ache. Think about the foods thst youve ate prior to your stomach pain and the night before. Thinking about what you ate may be helpful because you might have ate some gassy foods which will cause you to have gas bubbles and though they tend to stay for a while, they may pass. If you feel like you are in sever pain its best you consult a doctor and let them look at your condition. As with everyone, your problem may be different.
  • CAUSES OF ABDOMINAL PAIN. Abdominal pain may be caused by inflammation, for example, Colitis, Diverticulitis, Appendicitis, pain may also be caused if a organ is distended or stretched, for example, if the bile duct is blocked by gallstones, swelling of the liver or lack of blood supply getting to an organ. Abdominal pain can occur without inflammation, loss of blood supply may also be a factor, a good example of this is Irritable Bowl Syndrome, it is not clear however, what actually causes the pain in this condition. The best advice that I can give to you is that you should go and see your GP, some things that you should think about before seeing your GP are: How long does the pain last What makes the pain worse What if anything relieves the pain What is associated with the pain, for example, do you get a fever, diarrhea or rectal bleeding. Your GP can determine the cause of your abdominal pain by taking a detailed medical history from you and by doing a examination, from this he/she would be able to determine the cause of your pain by the characteristics of the pain and by doing a physical examination. Your GP may also wish to refer you to your local hospital to see a Gastroenterologist where further tests can be carried out such as radiological, blood tests and endoscopic testing and from the findings of these specific tests the doctor would be able to decide on the best treatment for you. Hope you find this helpful and I would again advise you that you should go to your GP as abdominal pain can be complex and could be caused by one of a number of of luck to you, Rikki.
  • I forgot to say in my last post that the organs in the abdominal cavity include: Stomach Small Intestines Liver Pancreas Colon Gall Bladder. An important factor is that sometimes pain may be felt in the abdomen even though it is arising from organs that are in close proximity to it but that are not actually in the abdominal cavity. For example conditions of the Uterus, Ovaries, Kidneys and lower Lung can cause pain in the abdomen. Also it is quite possible that pains from your organs that are in the abdominal cavity can be felt outside the abdomen, a good example of this is that if the pancreas is inflamed this pain may be felt in the back,this is known as refered pain because the pain is not actually originating in the back, it is located away from where it is felt. Again I would advise you to see your GP, abdominal pain is very complex and a diagnosis cannot be made over the internet, Rikki.
  • I feel heavily like having pain in back and inner of pelvic area. I cant sit properly as if someone hitting me inside a pin of the buttocks hole. its paining me heavily. Forming of gas in my body is more. i dont wat happen to me suddenly. My body had putten some weight heavily. when the pain comes if i drink some soft drinks like 7up or limca loards of gases coming out . when the gas comes out it pains lots inside the back hole. and cant able to bear it. can anyone temme the solution to cure it. i consulted with a doctor and she is everything is noraml. but i think something wron on my whole stomach part.
  • Have you recently done a Richard Gere? cos that could explain it!
  • go get it checked out, and maybe you should go to the er if theyre that bad

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