• Well it certainly doesn't seem to bother you that he's Bi, so why not tell him that you know and are ok with it?
  • You should tell him. He could be wallowing in unnecessary fear that you will not accept him, so it's best to alleviate that fear.
  • He probably hasn't mentioned it because he's afraid you'll reject him if you find out. I'm also willing to bet the friend who told you probably promised your boyfriend that he WOULDN'T spill the beans, so confronting your boyfriend with this info could possibly sour their relationship if the mutual friend broke your boyfriend's trust by sharing this secret with you. Maybe you could mention something to the mutual friend? Perhaps have him encourage your boyfriend to tell you, so you can tell him that it's okay and alleviate some of the anxiety he's probably feeling!
  • Maybe you could throw hints to let him know your ok with it. Like one of my friends that lives out of state was telling me she found out her husband or bf was bi. & tell him that you think its ok that everyone gets curious just some act on it kind of opening the door to let him know you wouldn't break up with him or be mad.
  • Let him tell you on his own time. If you're okay with bi people, just treat bi people the same as straight and gay people. He'll clue in eventually.
  • How do you feel about a guy that plays on both teams?
  • That would be really funny if the mutual friend was playing a prank and that he actually hasn't been with any guys. You should have already told him that you know. And, this mutual friend sounds divisive. That isn't a good thing for your relationship with your bf.
  • well, from a medical point of view, bi sexual or male homosexual men are at most risk of contracting HIV or Aids, so for your own sake, you must get a through blood assay done, with tests for HIV virus, aids, vdrl, ( syphyllis) hep A, B, and C. it would also be prudent for your boyfirend to have a blood assay done, and for both of you to know from scratch that you clear of any potentially life threatening diseases. Safe sex practices are also very important , with condoms the best option. regards his bi sexuality, how would you feel about him if you didnt know? probably the same, so perhaps let that run until he wants to tell you, but possibly suggest the blood tests for now, that may prompt him to tell you his feelings.
  • If you intend to marry of course but does he know of all your past lovers?
  • Does his being bi have anything to do with anything? Should it matter to you? Should it matter to him? Should it matter that you know about it? It's kind of like if he has some blue socks. You sneak a peak and discover he has blue socks in his laundry basket. So darn what? Would you expect him to come out and make a profound announcement to you, that "You know what... I... I have some socks that... that are blue." It has nothing to do with anything. If your boyfriend is attracted to you enough to be involved in a mature and serious way, then his unique individual personality and preferences are just another area for you to explore together. Just like anything about you, or him. If you are interested in his sexuality, in the hundreds of qualities that make up his sexuality, then hang out and talk and learn about him. Get to know what makes him tick, and you might discover that he is a lot deeper than just straight, gay, or bi. Like everyone else, he is totally unique. If you are interested to know more about him, show him that you are interested.
  • my name Is dan and I am bi and have a girlfriend, I love her with all my heart and I would never want to hurt her or make her feel uncomfortable. As sad as it may seem though I have not told her this. I have seen reactions online relating to this subject. Alot of people say that say dump the guy, cause bi guys are sketchy, they play both feilds and are not to be trusted... This is what scares me and may be keeping your boyfriend from revealing his sexual orientation. I think he likes you alot and us trying to not hurt you, but he will feel alot better knowing you know. I plan to tell my girlfriend after prom ( not cause I wanna go to prom, but I want her to have a fun night ). She deserves the world and I want her to feel that way. I generaly like guys 95% of the time and girls only 5%. There are gonna be alot of questions from you and my gf, I will do my best to answer and I hope your bf does too, peace out from g-ville ---D~squared---
  • If you are in a monogomous relationship and he's not told you yet, then wait and see if he tells you. He'll let you know when he feels it's time. While you continue this relationship, though, use condoms (as you should've been doing since day one!!!). He could infect you or you could infect him, and if he's still seeing other men, you could lose your life if he has HIV. Let him tell you on his own time, though. I think he probably should've told you from day one, but now if you ask him, he'll feel like you don't trust him or you're spying on him. Just make sure you use protection!!! And that's for his sake as well as yours.
  • tell him you know (don't tell him how you found out) and that its ok with you, he may then open up about why he hasn't told you ...I bet he was worried that you wouldn't accept the fact that he is Bi so decided to not say anything
  • It's up to you. Bring home a dick and see if he wants to share it with you. I'm not even kidding. A couple can really bond over a shared penis.
  • Just bring another dude home and let it happen. Action speaks louder than words.

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