• Should you? Do what you feel is right and what you believe to be true.
  • to each his/her are being yourself and that itself is sacred.
  • Just do what your mind and heart tell you to do. If you feel guilty that you don't then perhaps your heart is telling you that you should believe. Many people believe in some sort of higher power each in our unique and personalized way.
  • Believe what you want to. Don't believe for anyone else I was baptised on Xmas Eve and I am as atheist as they come pretty much! :)
  • Being baptized does not make you a Christian and so you are allright as you are!
  • I was born ans raised christian also, but don't follow their beliefs anymore. Believe what's in your heart, there's no right or wrong way.
  • Would you be questioning this if your entire family believed in "Man-Bear-Pig" and you did not? Anyone can tell you what to believe, it is ultimatly up to you to make the final decision. Do some soul searching, maybe it is not something that you will belive in, maybe you just need to find the right path that suit you. Religion (or the lack thereof) is a very personal decision and it requires a lot of looking inward. I hope you find what you seek.
  • When it comes to God, there really isn't any kind of obligation to believe, no matter who it is that actually does. Do whatever it is you think you should do.
  • No. Everyone has to choose their own path in life at some point. Some people fight it, and simply follow the crowd. Generally I think it's tough to live a full and satisfied life by doing that. There's no way you can just ''believe'' in God, even if you think you should and want to. It'd be the equivalent of me trying to make myself believe that the Spaghetti Monster exists and governs the world. Or that the Easter Bunny exists (and believe me I really *would* like to believe that!)... I just don't. I can't make myself...I can only pretend. And living a life of pretense, especially when the pretense is based on something as important as religion? No thanks.
  • Make sure you do your research and read the bible before you just make the decision not to believe in God...It's a very important decision that should have reasons behind it...For the record i've prayed to god and have had my prayers answered and if God doesn't exist who answered them.
  • I think you should do whatever you believe is right (that's why they are YOUR beliefs).
  • I am just assuming you really want an answer, so here it is…. I have no idea how old you are, but to be Baptized as a child has some merits, at least, until you override them by your own will. If you are at this point, I would be carful how to proceed. You mentioned that all your Family ‘believes’ in God, that is good. Does their life resembles "believing" in God? If so did “their” faith do you any harm or good? Think about it... For what it’s worth, you can’t manufacture your “belief” in God. One needs Faith in order to get there. One of the best ways is to be around people who do believe in God. I am a Christian, and like you, at one time I did not believe there was God. Now I know better. I suggest you try three these things before you make a decision. 1 Ask God to reveal Himself to you, and to point you in the direction where you “could” believe in Him. 2 Start going to Church with your Family, listen to the message, get a Bible and follow through the message when you get home. 3 Absolutely abstain from anything that your conscience object to by bringing thoughts like “What would God think of this, if I proceed.” Slowly, very slowly you will start noticing little changes in your life, and in your decision making process. You will also notice that somehow new people “popped” in your life from nowhere which will inspire you in a new way, or even people in need, that somehow you feel you “must” help. Relax, this is all good... If something like this happens, you lucky, you are still alive (spiritually speaking.) This would be a good time to tell God that you noticed, that He “noticed” You. Trust me, you take a step toward Him, he will "run" toward you.... Start dancing…..your journey has begun.
  • Find proof of God that isn't man made and you will have your answer.
  • You should believe only if you truly want to.
  • To quote Morpheus from the Matrix, "You believe whatever you want to believe."
  • Not that age or responsibility matters but: are you over 18? Do you live on your own? If the answer is a resounding Yes to both, then you are free to follow your own heart and conscience. If you come from a family who rocks the boat at every turn of events, then you may want to keep a lid on it at family gatherings or only mention it if it is brought up, in private. I wouldn't care what they thought, but that is me. You know your family best. If you are younger, then you have to see how the climate at home is and if there is anyone you can trust to confide in as your parents may harbor ill-will against you and want to throw you out unless you conform to their spiritual way of thinking and behaving. It is a tough call. Good luck and let us know what happens. +
  • Being an atheist in a religious family is hard and takes courage, I would know. But personally, the truth has always matter to me far more then my relationship with my family. Slowly though, some other members of my family are seeing the light and joining me. A lot of the profound questions I asked them after they confronted me about atheism stuck with them it seems.
  • that path, and choice is laid before you, I personally need beyond reasonable doubt proof that god exists
  • Believe what you want to believe. My mom side of the family is methodist and my dad's side is baptist. Im the only person in my family who's atheist. I want to believe in a god, but it's too hard for me. I haven't been baptised, but you have, so maybe you should consider being a christian. You get baptised to wash away your sins and get a new life from jesus. The whole "washing away your sins and getting a new life" sounds retarded to me. It makes me think my parenst are crazy. well, that's all I have for you. Good luck. - jacobb.

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