• I think you are pregnant if you see your GP and tell them your uncertain they should do a test to confirm it. But it does sometimes say on the back of tests that the line can be faint and stil be pregnant. Also a test wont say postivie unless you are because your body releases a hormone you only get during pregnancy. Hope this helps. Good Luck =]
  • Typially any line, no matter how faint is considered a positive test. I agree with the other posts to go and see your doctor to confrim.
  • It means you need to schedule an appointment with your OBGYN.
  • Some times the Hcg hormones are not strong enough to show up,id wait another 3 days and retest this should show by then,buy a clearblue one step they are the best and use a morning sample. If you have missed your period still and it still doesnt show a hospital can do a blood test and tell you by this,with my first child the tests never showed until i was 3 months gone,but of course i iknew i was.

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