• At 15 you have not yet finished developing, so they may even out naturally. Be aware that all women have one larger than the other, and it is normal (although I understand you may not feel normal and they may indeed be vastly different in size).
  • For now just 'even' things out with a bit of padding, you can buy natural bra inserts that will solve the problem until nature corrects it. This is quite normal, and no part of your body will ever be quite 'equal' in size to its counterpart, feet for example, so try not to stress about it x
  • i would just put padding in one and i think thats about all you can do right now. Good luck missy
  • Try not to worry about. Since you're still young a growing, try wearing a tight-fitting bra. Level your breast to where both nipples are at the same spot so it will seem less noticable. If a guy ever freaks out about it, just tell him that one of his breast are uneven, too. With guys, it's much harder to tell, but it's there. Try not to pay attention too much to it. It's bad to stress out about something this normal. You can go to just about any site and find something about a female complaining about her different boobs. It's completely natural. :] Be happy with what you have. You could just not have any breast.
  • im 16 and my boobs are exactly like want to get surgery when im 17, a reduction because its more safe then implants (implants do not last) and yes it is very expensive, ranges from 7-10 thousand. im gonna miss the big one ;) hah but anyway, i just pad the other one for now, and i buy a bra that fits the bigger one! in most shirts u cant tell, but in some u can (even with the pad) and i know how u feel it sucksssss, and although my bf doesnt care, I DO! makes me feel uncomfortable. like when i am in a bathing suit (a two piece) it sucks, so i just dont pad the other one cause i get to lazy and after a while i dont care, but most of the time, i reallllyyyy want them fixed!
  • Just pad your smaller one. You are still growing so eventually they'll be close to being the same.
  • stuff your bra... ooh and can I suggest a nickname for them? Big E. Smalls! XP
  • Breasts are NEVER completely even. Your body itself isn't completely symmetrical (including your face). I've read such cases as yours. In one I recall a girl having one that was a small B cup (she said it was just out of an A) and the other was a large C (almost a D). She was 17. Around 21, they evened out, both being DD (don't ask me how, it's just what I read). When you're younger, your hormones go wild, sometimes not making the right stuff grow, while making other stuff too big. Be happy with your body, don't try to change it. It will fix itself (it has in all 3 of the cases I read, and the girls were 15, 17, and 18; and it evened out in their 20s). I don't think you should worry. There are many other things that could be more problematic than this with the female form. "Problematic," yes, but not "ugly." Don't feel bad, okay? A guy shouldn't worry about if they're uneven, and if he does; he doesn't like YOU for who you are, he just likes YOU for your BODY. Beauty isn't only skin-deep; there's both inner and outer beauty. :) I hope this helps. :)

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