• politics are scared of free-thinkers, meaning people who like new ideas and change. as Serj Tankian once semi-sarcastically said "free-thinkers are dangerous"
  • It means that money come before science, innovation and humanity. I believe this is mostly about George W. Bush protecting his buddies at the established giant pharmaceutical industry. Big brother Pharma only makes money by selling medicine to the sick and it is not in their financial interest to cure ANY disease. If they allowed stem cell research to prosper into cures, then they’ll lose their sick and terminally ill customers who would otherwise have to continue to pay whatever price it takes to get their medicine to feel better, get better, but never cured. Therefore, in reality, Bush promotes keeping Americans sick because it benefits the pharmaceutical industry to do so. Bush's veto is a slap in Michael J. Fox's (and others like him) face. Some compassionate conservative, eh dubya?

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