• I'd fix it myself.
  • My dad had everything he needs to fix the tire.
  • Frank, I'm a grown man, not some feeble old lady. I'll let you guess here |||:-}
  • Since I am 5'1 ish and under 100lbs... I will AAA all the way.
  • Call AAA or someone to help. With the machines they use to put the tires on now, I am not strong enough to loosen the lug nuts. I in fact had to do this yesterday. The AAA guy was even having a difficult time loosening them.
  • Ha! Funny you should ask this, i was just about to leave like 20 minutes ago and i had a flat tyre. I know how to change it, and in each car manual it should tell you how to change it anyway however trying to actually get the nuts loose is another thing. =/
  • Depends on the car. My wife's I would change, my truck I would call AAA as there is zero chance I am getting the spare off my truck without a blowtorch.
  • I would use AAA given a choice but I think everyone should know how, even the ladies. I think changing a tire checking air pressure and other basic maitenance should be taught in any drivers education course. You don't need to be a mechanic but you should have a basic understanding of the machine your driving. AAA is always an option.
  • although I don't like to, I can put my spare on when I have to. I have a few times. But, if I'm not in a hurry, I call AAA. I pay enough for the membership! But it pays for itself. Which reminds me, what every happened to a little chivalry...or at least being a good sammaritan? Back when I used to wear dresses/skirts a lot more at another office, I had a flat on the way to work. I'm on the side of a main road (not a highway), in a dress and heels changing my flat to the spare...and did one nice guy stop to help? No! (yeah, Frank! I used to wear dresses and heels! quit your snickering! LOL!)
  • fix it, takes less than 10 min.
    • dumdum
      You can fix a flat tire in ten minutes -- put air in, change, or actually mend a leak?
  • I wouldn't mind fixing it myself, but I have AAA, so why not....
  • The AA or RAC I am not big enough to move about the wheels on my car. I pay for them so why not use them.
  • Fix my own.
  • AAA or in my case BCAA
  • Call the AA, that's what we pay them for.
  • the answer is neither, just buy a new car. I mean, I'd fix it myself.
  • I fix my own, not into waiting.
  • I always fix my own. It takes AAA forever to do anything where I live. I once waited for 4 hours to get towed home by them.
  • I change the tire myself. I don't have a cell phone by which to call my insurance company even if they do offer this service. Besides, I can change the tire faster than it would take the service person to get there.
  • I ride a motorcycle and AAA discourages motorcyclists from insuring through them(or at least they did me), so I change my own. I can and would change a car tire, as well.
  • Fix it myself, it's easy so I might as well. Most people would stop to help anyway
  • Every woman should learn to do it. Even if they have AAA on speed dial. I have changed tires for strangers on the road, men even!
  • AAA should only be used in a flat tire situation if you're a member of AARP. Otherwise....come on, it's a freaking flat tire. put on the spare and go to a tire shop tomorrow on your way to work. If you physically can NOT beak a lugnut loose and you're close to retirement age then AAA. Otherwise....geez...if you can't break loose a lugnut then you have bigger problems health-wise.
  • Fix my own. I actually have stopped to help a few stranded strangers change their tires too. I also have a 12V 'Emergency' impact gun that I carry with me on road trips. Makes it a snap to change the tires, as well as raise the OEM jack :)
  • Fixed my own until I could no longer stand long enough or squat/kneel to do it. Now, I will call AAA, or tell someone else how to do it.
  • Fix my own and apparently all of my relatives when they get a flat too.
  • Fix myself
  • Leave the car, catch a cab, come home, take a quick shower, make a nice cup of tea and then report a car stolen :p
  • I'm a lady and ill change my own damn tire, i dont need some guy to do it

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