• The man should have yielded to the law enforcement in pursuit of him. I can't feel sorry for someone trying to elude arrest. I am sure he gave the gator indigestion.
  • My sympathies to the alligator and his/her family. At least the criminal had the good sense to avoid costing us more money with his trial and subsequent appeals.
  • One word springs to mind....Karma :)
  • haha i agree . karma. they shouldnt of killed the alligator. he shouldnt of been stupid enough to steal a car then run into a pond where there are alligators. he went into the alligators territory. its not like alligator was just walking around where people are at.
  • Touche'! Let the chips fall where they may.
  • Being a Floridian, I find this hilarious. As far as the alligator being put to death... the current ratio in Florida (I believe) is one alligator to every seven people. We have alligators to spare. I have three in my backyard if you want one. Now, if the loser hadn't been such a weenie about going to jail for a few weeks and paying a fine, he'd still be alive. Do the crime, you do the time. Unfortunately, he gave up ALL his time for petty theft. Shame.
  • Hmm! At least he didn't get caught huh?

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