• Because I am already married!
  • I might, as long as he kept it to himself at all times and not tried to "talk me into" anything, he could worship what he likes.
  • Because religions are a core component of who someone is, and how they view the world. While a subtle difference is not important, and extreme variation would be.
  • I would have dated them. I could marry someone outside if they were willing to at least attend services with us. But not if they wanted me to change my religion. My family is pretty engrained into our church and we attend services as a family weekly and holy days. It is a big part of our Sundays. Mid-morning mass and then out to lunch with the entire crew. It would have been hard for me to miss all that.
  • that wouldnt bother me any
  • Because you might develop a strong emotional attachment and find you are unable to to agree on your family arrangements as things move forward. This has happened to me.
  • I have no religion and I'm not interested in getting to know one from a husbsnd or anyone else.
  • probably causes some people dont believe in doing that

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