• I think bailing is leaving cowardly and I think bolting is leaving Boldly! VGQ+++ -Buddy
  • I think "bailing" can be pulled off with more tact.
  • bolting is much faster.
  • Different slang, which will be interpreted differently. Boltint" is what a suddenly frightened horse does - run without thinking as dast as it can. "Bailing" is baling out of a strken plane - putting on the parachute and jumping for your life. Bailing sounds a little more thoughtful to me - but that is only my interpretation.
  • Nothing at all, as far as I'm concerned. Just two different terms to mean we're leaving. I've used both and there is no difference, to me, between: Hey, Babe! You ready to bolt? -OR- You ready to bail out of here, Sugar? Guys, we're gonna bail. Thanks for having us! -OR- Hey, man, we're getting ready to bolt. We had a great time! Both the same in my world.
  • probably not much
  • Bailing just means leaving. You ask your date at a party, "Shall we bail?" Which just means leave calmly for whatever reason. Bolting from a room is an exceedingly rapid exit usually with no warning or reason and most likely drawing attention to it.

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