• You can't.
  • Learn how to use it instead of trying to increase the size.
  • keep strectching
  • You can't safely increase its size. Anything that actually will could cause damage. Pills just work briefly if at all. Better to learn to use it well. You don't need long strokes to get your woman off, put it all the way in and then thrust upwards keeping the base of your cock against her clit at all times. When you lick her pussy, rub your hard cock against her leg. That shows her how excited it makes you to lick her pussy.
  • Put it in my mouth. It'll get bigger for a little while. If you keep it there for more than just a minute or two, it'll get small again, though. ;-)
  • I seriously doubt if your penis is too small. Many guys, especially in there teenage years, think they are too small. It only takes 3" erect to satisfy your partner. I'm smaller than most other guys, I'm much smaller than the average size. I was concerned as a teen but when I got older, and wiser, I realized it did what it needed to do. I'm happy with what I have. Do not let size bother you. Be satisfied with what you have. I'm sure you are bigger than me and I'm happy with what I have. In God's care
  • Look kid! Listen closely. Size has nothing to do with you convince woman get in to bed. When you meet people try to be a good talker , after you convince the ladies get into bed things will go smoothly. You never show your dick right away after you meet with nice ladies. Concantrate into your speech and be persuasive when it comes to score eventually serious realitonship. The bottom line is your personality will make the lasting impresison in life not your dick. Convince the ladies and rest will be history...

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