• Possibly, but very unlikely.
  • If I found your wallet instead & took just 20 dollars out of it for my trouble of returning it to you with credit cards and the rest of cash in tact. Would that be ok with you ??
  • I am so glad that happened to you!! That happened to me once and everything was there but I won't hold my breathe for it happening twice.
  • This happened to my sister at Disneyland. She thought for sure no one would turn it in, but she got it back intact.
  • Yes, it has happened to me...and twice I have found wallets and turned them with a great deal of money in it...I believe that most people are good and honest.:)
  • It depends on what part of the city I am in when I lose my wallet. Columbus is a big city, so I would say that most likely it would be gone forever!
  • I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. Big religious influence here. As a matter of fact, I remember church lessons involving this very scenario as a kid. So, yes, you'd probably get it back with money and cards intact. (And possibly an invitation for an informal green Jell-o and fruit punch get together...)
  • If you had asked this question six months ago then I would have said no, without hesitation. But a couple of months ago I lost my purse and had it returned. I lost it on a night out in the centre of the city where I live. The person who found it brought it to my home (my address was on my drivers licence) and it had all the money and credit cards in it. I was so grateful, I had tears in my eyes.
  • Slim to none chance. (great news for you tho!)
  • Of course! There are good people and bad people everywhere!
  • It did happen where I live. I left my purse on a bench near the concession stand of a movie theatre and did not realize it until after the movie had ended. It had been turned into the theatre office, fully intact, nothing missing. I was SO grateful and relieved.
  • Yes, I believe that would happen here in Hilo.
  • Yes. It would happen where I live. The city I live in has people who are both honest and dishonest with that sort of thing. If I found a wallet, I would definitely turn it in. It's not mine and I don't really like having money that is not rightfully mine. It just... doesn't feel right.
  • Yes, the chances are good. My ex husband drove off one morning with his daytimer on the roof of his car. He had cash and credit cards in it as well. It landed in the middle of a major thoroughfare and a lady stopped and picked it up and called right away to let us know she found it. Amazing! Not easy to stop on that stretch of road safely. I was very grateful.
  • It did well close to where I live. Came home from a family vaca from Mouseland and realized too late that I left our video camera with our new digital camera with our whole vacation pictures in the same bag on the airport shuttle bus. (Mitchell Airport Mil. WI) Called the shuttle co and they said unconvincingly that they would look on the shuttle bus for it. 4 am our phone rings and they *have* the cameras!! When I retrieved it the next morning, I said how amazing it was that it was there and not stolen or something. the lady at the lost and found said "That camera ain't nothing! You should *see* some of the stuff people leave behind!
  • My initial response was no but remembered a situation where I'd dropped my bills after paying for lunch. I went back to the local pub (great wings) and every bill was there so I rewarded the waitress and go back often.
  • Our local news channel actually did an investigation on this and placed hidden cameras in the parking lot along with a lost wallet. The majority of the people returned the wallet intact. I'm sure there are lots of people that wouldn't but I think people try to think how they would feel if it happened to them.
  • Yes, it happened to me...i accidentally dropped my wallet on the street i had cash all my credit cards, my ss card, foreign money and my debit card pin number EVERYTHING!! was in there...even my lip gloss lol...later i found it inside a bag infront of my door and when i checked every thing was in there nothing was missing not even a sooo glad that person who returned didnt get anything from my wallet, so there are still some honest ppl in this world ;)
  • No chance, where I live you would be lucky to even find the wallet.
  • It could happpen where I live .... it all just depends on WHO finds the wallet and how HONEST that THEY happen to be ...
  • Not in The Bronx.
  • It does actually even thou I live in a scumbag town, In the last 10 years Ive lost my wallet 3 times everytime its been returned to me with all the money in it. on time someone else must of found it first and used my tape and go credit card a few times. The bank ended up paying for that. The first time if it wasn't returned I would of had no money for the week.
  • I doubt it. I got my wallet returned - minus the cash.😉
  • Yes, I've found a few myself and returned them that way when I worked at Subway and Waffle House. I also returned a man's face plate from his vehicle stereo (he didn't even know where he left it), and several sets of keys. I kept the pens and lighters considering them a tip.
  • True story: went on a plumbing job in a nicer part of town. I had to return to the shop to get another piece of equipment. In a hurry, and unused to using a pickup (usually I use a van), I stupidly forgot to close the tailgate of the pickup. Most of my toolboxes slid out of the bed of the pickup...without me realizing it. Within ten minutes I had realized what had happened and returned to the spot. Tools gone. Name and phone number on all tools and toolboxes. No one called. *** Perhaps worse story: was moving into a house once. Left some boxes out by the garage (also in a nicer part of town) while I rested inside. Someone drove by and decided to pick them up. *** It's the culture of the place. Lots of people here have the attitude anything they find that is not actually in someone's hand or view is free for the taking. And when I say "lots of people", I mean just about everyone I know. It's hard to live among and work with such people when you aren't one yourself.
  • More than likely, YES!!! I live in a really small town where everybody pretty much knows everybody else. We do have a few newbies who might not know; but, all-in-all, we know each other. Not only would they turn it in...they would also drive it to your home & hand it to you directly!!! I've had that happen in the past.😊

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