• I don't listen to ANYone..when I want something, I don't give up til I get it. (Welcome back lovey..) :)
  • That is the longest question I have ever heard... :p
  • Welcome back sweety....yes I have...and you know this story. I held onto him while the rest of the World looked at me as a fool. At the time I did not care because I thought that is what I needed to do to get through it. Now I realize how pitiful I must have appeared. One really good friend told me several years after the breakup how her heart broke for me every time she talked with me because I was so desperately sad. How she worried about me being alone and that she just felt helpless to be able to help me during a time I needed someone. Little does anyone realize when you are so terribly missing someone no ONE can replace that feeling or that person. Finally I realized what I was doing to myself was like having cancer in my leg, at some point you have to cut it off to save like a cancer I cut out the part of me that held onto him and by doing so somehow I survived.
  • i know exactly what u mean, nd it just makes feel confused.
  • Yes, Jack, I've definitely done that. There was a guy I went out with right after my marriage broke up. We dated and then lived together. I think the actual relationship lasted about 6 months total. He decided to break up with me and went out with someone much younger. They would break up and he would come back to me, then he would go back to her again. I would manage to fool myself each time into thinking he really would stay that time, even if it was only for 2 days. We went through this for about 2 months, pretty much right up until the day he moved away with her. I still kept the crazy, lingering hope that he would come back, for months...ok maybe another year or so. The ironic thing was he really did come back and even asked me to move away with him, but I was still so hurt and angry with him, that I refused. To this day even wonder if I did the right thing. I know he was mean and even an abusive cheater, but I have to still even after 13 years, wonder about him. No one has had to try to make me change my feelings about him, because I've told no one about it lately.
  • Yes , But I shall never be able to give up and I do not think anyone will tell me I must. I know that I will have to move on but that is not the same thing as closing your heart and mind to feelings.
  • Yes I did it with the first girl I was inlove with nearly 30 years ago.I held on to hope for 6 long years she would come around and love me too it never happened though. BTW Welcome Back Capt. In your honor I shall make my special holiday egg nog spiked with what else Captain Morgan's spiced rum.
  • Oh God yes. It made me miserable but nobody can make you let go. That comes all on your time & take it from someone whose been there & done that it WILL happen
  • It is good to have friends though, who stand by us even when we are being a pain in the ass whining over losing someone who would have made us totally miserable for the rest of our lives. That whining kind of helps us work through the pain and loss when someone listens and encourages us at the same time to busy ourselves with doing something constructive. Pain that once seemed unbearable just sort of dissipates as we learn to value what and who is truly good for us rather than trying to hold onto and fix those who injure us. I feel sadness that the life I thought I would give my kids with their parents happily married to each other providing an idyllic family life didn't happen. But I am happy that I'm not living in misery making them miserable because I couldn't let go of someone so toxic.
  • I'm changing schools to be with my boyfriend. People always say to let him go because we live in different cities and that long distance relationships don't work. But somehow in my heart, I knew that he was The One. I just have to change schools because I tried to look for him, but no such luck.
  • They make me feel like they love and care for me more than he ever will. The love & strength that you receive from family/friends is the strongest love that you will ever receive, and that type of love and support will be exactly what you will have when you're strong enough to walk away. And never look back.
  • Yep... Did that when my first girlfriend broke up with me. Took me a while, and meeting another, but I did get over it. Here's some of the things I did (in this answer):

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