• -5C in January and February, but it does get MUCH colder on occasions.
  • -15C is the average high temp in January
  • we always have a few nights that get down into the -20s°F, usually -24°F. Daytime could linger in the -10°F. And of course the wind blows on these occasions making it really important to keep skin covered ALL the time.
  • Vancouver, Coast, and Mountains Vancouver's climate is one of the mildest in Canada, and is generally an area of heavy winter precipitation. Apart from being rather wet, winters are fairly mild but often tempered by days of brilliant blue skies and warm clear evenings. The city of Vancouver receives only a few snowfalls in the average winter, but the nearby mountains have snowy peaks from November to May. Relatively cool summers are the rule. Temperatures range from an average of 2 degrees C (36F) in the winter and 26 degrees C (90F) in the summer, and most rainfall occurs between October and March.
  • It's chilly here today. It's 65 in Florida
  • The lowest it gets is about 13°C (55° F)
  • 17.5F That's the lowest minimum temperature
  • About 72-F (Miami, FL) Happens only during December - February. All other times about 86-F

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