• Someone who disrespects others.
  • Someone who is mean to animals, children or old people - Very Ugly.
  • plastic queen of bitchdom, who's vain, evil and shallow. Who enjoys kicking baby bunnies.
  • A lier, and someone who just has no empathy with others.
  • Someone who has an ugly interior...greedy, non-altruistic, holier-than-thou attitude would be a good start for me to consider that.
  • Someone who is selfish and thinks only for themselves, backstabs or spread false accusations of other people to get ahead in the corporate world, etc..
  • Someone who abuses their spouse.
  • a self centered selfish person who only thinks of them selfs
  • Someone who says or does in secret what they wouldn't want to be revealed to your face. Someone who is either cruel, selfish, or uncaring.
  • A person who thinks the world revolves around themselves and is insensitive to the needs of others.
  • A person who treats others bad for no reason.
  • Those who have wanton disregard for the feelings of others.
  • Someone who has a hateful personality, are self-centered, judges others.
  • People who are racists and full of anger. Also self-centered prima donnas.
  • Someone with the looks that could peel paint off the walls.
  • A two-faced person who will happily talk about others behind their backs.
  • Lack of empathy, full of hate, rage, and anger. They only care about themselves. Use people to get what they want then discard them. Believe they are always right and never apologize when they commit a mistake. Laugh at the misfortune of others. Complain about things constantly. They are jealous of others and envy what they have. They try to destroy the relationships of others for their own benefit. They manipulate people into thinking they are friends. I could write more but I'm thinking about two people who are exactly what I wrote and I am getting sick to my stomach.
  • Truly one that is ugly is one who loves and makes lies. Isn't it something, that there is not one person on this planet that can tell me one reward for making a lie, that will last them forever... no not one. Yet, striving to become Truthful and trying to become honest and sincere, one may not always be able to see or hold the reward with these eyes or hands, but it is found to be the utmost eternal. And Yes so so very beauthiful! People fail to look around them and see that everything that they can see or hold in their hands, becomes old and will not last. Everything new in this world becomes old... Everything? So why is it that there are not more people looking for that which does last? Simple; they don't know the Truth. It is those that we do not see that are eternal. Like my mom who just went home a couple of weeks ago to be with our Father. The one I can see was never the One I knew. The One I could not see, Loving, Kindness, Caring, Compassionate, Forgiving... she is the One that become new! Don't let the world fool you. No one at anytime has ever seen Love, Kindness, Forgiveness, Caring, Meekness... or anyone of Truth; we have only PERCEIVED them. Who is Beautiful? The One that I can't see. The One that is eternal... the One that has always been and will be. 2Cor4: 18 FATHER BLESS jim PS. NOW YOU CAN SEE ME, YOU HAVE JUST CONSUMED MY WORDS! WORDS A Prophecy Fulfilled
  • A person with a bad attitude and who treats people bad!
  • Someone who doesn't do the best they can with what they got.
  • Someone with a very foul mouth who is rude to everyone and thinks only of their self.
  • Someone who is habitually angry at the world and thinks life is actively against him/her. And that really does create an ugly face. Frown lines, scowls.... yecch.
  • someone without any personality or sense of humor...they could be the most gorgeous person but without those me...they're not attractive
  • People who dont think about how their actions affect other people. I guess you could also call that self centered. i know we are all a little bit self centered..but I am thinking of extremes...

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