• The workers of the NHL have decided to make it more like soccer and football when the home team wears dark and the away team wears white.
  • The change happened mostly for economic reasons. Several teams produce a "third" jersey, which is sometimes promotional and decorative, and sometimes is a prototype for a new primary design. These jerseys are usually in the "dark" style, because this allows for more color in the design. When the home team wore white, it took a lot of logistics to arrange with travelling teams when the home team wanted to wear their "third" jerseys for a home crowd. Since a team would travel to several games, it meant co-ordinating between many teams to switch the normal wearing colors OR carrying both colors of uniforms for the entire team. With the colors switched, "third" jerseys can be worn in front of the home crowd with no effort. This increases visibility of the jersey, which leads to increased product sales.
  • The home team has moved to wearing dark jerseys to facilitate the home team being able to wear their third jersey design for the home team more frequently, as most third jerseys are dark colored.
  • Since some teams have dark colored third jerseys, visiting teams generally wore their white/home jerseys. if they were on a road trip, they would also bring their away jerseys, meaning that they would have 2 types of jerseys for the road trip. in order to cut down on the weight of their luggage and make it easier for the visiting team to only have to use one jersey, the nhl decided that the white jersey would be the away jerseys whereas the dark jerseys would be the home jerseys.
  • Actually it is not any of these answers at all. The true question is why did the NHL switch to the home team wearing white jersey's at home for a few decades. NHL teams used to wear their dark jersey's at home.
  • They no longer have to worry about laundry logistics. Back in the day the away team wore dark jerseys because it was easier to keep clean. (or at least hide the dirtyness) It was impossible to keep whites clean on a road trip. For decades after that it was tradition. Now its all about marketing.
  • Ran out of Clorox bleach.
  • In late summer, it was discovered that not a single player was still a virgin. These developments have forced the coach to switch from white to red uniforms.
  • All of these answers are contributing factors (except the bleach or the virgins) to why they switched the colors. Yes, home teams used to wear dark jerseys until the NHL switched that. Yes, many times teams would wear dark jerseys to fire up the crowd similar to Georgia's 'blackout' jerseys But the real reason is money. When the NHL switched to white jerseys, the NHL was expanding, so they thought they could make more money because then people would buy the white jerseys to wear to home games in addition to the dark jerseys they already owned. When the NHL came out of the lockout season they needed money and a new image, so the flipped again. Also, very few teams actually had a third jersey they regularly used. Now, every team has a third jersey that they'll use for about 25% of their home games.
  • they switched because the people who washed them were lazy and supposedly white on the road games were more dirty for some reason.

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