• The barcode has nothing to do with the security of the item. the barcode only gives information concerning the item. like, size, price, make and model and to reorder a replacement. information, concerning security sensors, is a security secret. to give you this information, would be a security breach. why are you asking this question?
  • dude ... this guy is a cop. of course he's gonna tell you everything else that a barcode is used for except the one thing that is key when stealing an item. barcode needs to be taken off so that the sensors don't go off. i've never stolen anything but this is common sense dude, come on. good luck by the way.
  • It's an ionizing or magnetic piece that sets off the alarm. Often that piece is in the plastic clamp on clothing that has to be removed at checkout. Sometimes it is a smaller strip embedded behind the barcode that has to be deactivated at the register.

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