• i have no idea of what he means...about anything.
  • He seems to be very fluent in rubbish and I stopped listening since the beginning of his second term.
  • The press are losing interest and so he is less under pressure. A shame that the people of Iraq do not see the succes he is dreaming up!
  • Please, remember that this is the same man who suggested that human being and fish can coexist peacefully.
  • George W. Bush says many powerful and insightful things, pathological liars can say just about anything they wish.
  • It is actually true that things have got a little less ghastly in Iraq in the last month or so. Bot US troop deaths and Iraqi civilian deaths are running at about half the level that they were in the summer. While bot are still appallingly high, you an say that things are getting a bit better. Of course, they are still far worse that they would have been if there had been no invasion.
  • Bush screwed up and screwed up BIG time! Mission Accomplished, eh Dubya?
  • President Bush used the phrase “catastrophic success” to describe the situation in Iraq. Which means he was successful at creating a catastrophe.
  • In this context, "success" means: "We've gotten rid of Saddam Hussein. The country is in civil war, basic social structure is missing or corrupt, basic social services are rare, people are dying, the government is barely functional, we can't fix it, and no one supports me anymore. However, I cannot admit to having made a mistake. Therefore, the Iraq war is a success."
  • In a rare concession from the President, who dislikes admitting errors, George Walker Bush told 'Time' magazine that his planners had not considered the prospect of a quick collapse -- President Bush now says his Iraq policy is a catastrophic success, well, he's half right. It was catastrophic to rush to war without a plan to win peace, if peace was the real goal, of course. Iraq is in a civil war now, George Walker Bush created a cauldron of hatred, he destabilized the region -- President Bush has feigned success, and has convinced others to join in the choir or get fired, as many other generals before General David H. Petraeus have. George Bush does not want to be known throughout eternity as the man who lied us into a war and then lost that war.
  • Honestly, I have no idea
  • Same success Kennedy/Johnson had in vietnam.
  • There is no success. He lives in his own little world and his delusions are obviously very convincing.
  • what success, and when are troops coming home?
  • At least President Bush is not well and we don't have to be Einstein to know that much. But the great responsible one is Chaney, he was in the moral obligation to do something about President Bush's situation, the mistakes and the lies, he was the one called to put some order when the President is not in his full senses. That is why he is the VP.
  • Here is a list of servicemen and women who have come home. Shame on you George W Bush
  • That's the question most inquiring minds would like to know...
  • Marked reduction in sectarian violence, progressive involvement by local military/police in keeping the peace, fewer caches of weapons being found, fewer disruptive personalities causing trouble...and those are just the unclassified indicators that are open to the public. The classified aspects would reveal certain sensitive information if placed in the public domain.
  • Good greif ! Bush himself dosn't have a clue as to the garbage he spews, ("catapulting the propaganda" as he calls it,). Bush is a meat puppet - he parrots whatever nonsence his owners wisper into his ears - the moron isn't capable of independent thought - I pitty the dumb begger even as I hate him.
  • Bush is just his deluded mind, he's doing a good job in Iraq, hence the abuse of the word "success".....

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