• Yeah, my own brother is one of those now.
  • Well im homophobic but there is a story behind that.Im Sure ill get downrated for this answer but when u have stuff that hasn happened to you when you are younger than you would be the same way.If my brothers are homophobes then oh well.I cant change them for what they like or dont like no matter what it is.
  • I'd be a little troubled that they were so closed minded and try to engage them in a disscusion of why they see things that way.
  • No, I wouldn't. At all. If they had been through a personal experiance, then fair enough, but the reality is that those sorts of things need to be talked through, and hating on a group of people for an individuals mistake is rather narrow-minded. I would in no way hate them for their feelings, but would instead try to delve into the reasons, and convince them that its wrong to think like that!
  • I wouldn't like it much. As I get along very well with both my brother and sister I would talk to them to know the logic behind their reasoning.
  • I would be disappointed. However, everyone is entitled to think what they will and hold steadfast to their opinions.
  • I would be neutral on that. My brother and one of my sisters are quite open about the way they feel on the subject. I can do nothing to change their feelings. It is their loss that they are so close-minded and shallow, that they can't see past the preference and see the PERSON. I will admit that I don't understand how someone can be attracted to someone of the same sex, but that is my problem and I am not going to condemn someone for their preference simply because I don't share it. I am not a bigot or a homophobe.
  • I'd laugh in his or her face, proceed to kick his or her ass, but in a nice way. Regardless they would still be blood.
  • While there is not alot I can do about their opinion I would be extremely disappointed in them unless they could give me a undeniably valid reason for being a homophobe. Maybe then I might be able to accept their right to feel like that.
  • Opinions are like armpits. Everyone has a couple, and they all stink once in a while. There's nothing I can do about other peoples' body odour.
  • I may not ask them why but I would surely be very very annoyed. Although I wish I'd ask them the reason. Well, my sis doesn't discriminate and my bro used to but now he doesn't anymore. He used to express hatered cause his friends used to do the same but now he has his own opninion and some friends that don't discriminate.
  • No, and since I'm older than all of my sisters and most of my brothers I'd be inclined to speak with them about why they feel that way and educate them a little. Strong dislike toward something generally indicates ignorance about a piece of whatever it is they're not liking. Sometimes it even translates to a fear about something, or a personal insecurity. My father is like that, which I never knew until we got into a deep conversation one day (didn't grow up with my dad), and that was one of the longest conversations I've ever had. One of the most important things to learn in life, IMO, is tolerance and openmindedness.
  • I would respect their opinion, but not "fine" with it since I'm a lesbian and our uncle is gay. I have good relationships with my siblings currently and I would hate to learn that they felt that way about me. I have a cousin who has, passively, let it be know that he can't support me and my relationship. It's tough, but I still love him -- he's family, after all -- I just don't really keep in touch with him.
  • of Course. they are my brother or sister and I love them unconditionally dispite my disapproval of their views or behavior. What my siblings believe is of no consequence to me with regard to my love and affection. Their acts, deeds or behaviors on the other hand are a different matter.

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