• Is the affair still ongoing or was it a ONE TIME only thing? How did your brother find out? Did she admit it? I take it he wants to tell the boss's wife? I think if it was a one-time only thing and it's been over a year, it's probably not a good idea to tell her now. I don't think I would want to know, if I were her. Plus you can almost hear the argument already. Although if it happened more than once, or if it seems to be common knowledge except for her, then yes, she needs to know. She's being made to look like a fool and that's not fair that she looks like an idiot for staying with a cheating husband when really, he's the idiot. So in short, if it was a one night only thing that they both feel very guilty about then there is no need to tell; however if this was a full blown affair where it happened more than once, she needs to be made aware. That's just what I would do.
  • People can be such bastards... It makes me sick and sad just reading about it.
  • Absolutely not..keep your dirty laundry to yourself..There is a baby involved. You play and you pay. don't hurt that family..
  • If a pregnant womans husband is cheating you have to let her know. It's probably to late to do anything about STD's that were passed on, but better late then never. Some STD's are treatable and they could get the baby on med's right away instead of waiting for something horrific to happen to him/her.
  • Why does he want to cause pain to the innocent wife who hurt no one. There is no justification for revenge. It is for the emotionally retarded.
  • The wife deserves to know. She needs to get tested for STDs
  • he should've told the wife. imagine bringing a child into a family with a guy like that in it. i think the people that got cheated on should get together :)
  • what a big crock of shit! At his age he should know bloody well better. Quite frankly he should break up with his girlfriend, move on with his head held high knowing he wasn't the one to cause the preganant's lady's pain. For Christ sake get a grip. If it was for her own benefit I would understand but he is jsut out to get "revenge" doesn't that tell you something about his mentality!! Twisted F*CK!

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