• Less Government!
  • The "Bible" would be The Golden Rule of "Do Unto Others That Which You Would Have Others Do Unto You"...the rules/laws/policies would include such things as...citizens must be kind, helpful, accepting, non-judgmental, honest, open to others' views and willing to admit they don't know everything and what they do know may not always be right/true/real. :)
  • where everyone is a vegetarian,for that's what we were meant to be.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Wrong. We're omnivores.
  • Ok. Get the basics right. Everyone should have the right AND obligation to work (health permitting) Education shoulf be free , including university if the person has the aptitude. Education is an investment in a country's future. Healthcare should be 100% free. No money should ever pass hands. Sickness is not a crme. There should be NO private health care or private education. Everyone should get the same treatment regardless of wealth. Creches should be run, for example-1 creche for every 1000 people, or 5 square km(something like that) so that childcare is free. I believe that with full employmebnt, crime would be vastly reduced. Of course crime will always exist-but we should focus on rehabilitation, not punishment. Everyone should have the right to dignified housing. Nobody should be homeless. Those are the basics.
  • unobtainable
  • One free of politicians!
  • I cannot say that I have one. -In the Master's service. Thank you and God bless you!

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