• I just don't know what therapy would help it. I'm struck with it on occassion (2 times that I realized afterwards, one I took someone's pencil while getting up and taking *one* step to turn my test in, and another when I took my mum's cellphone off the counter and found it in my pocket 2 or 3 hours later), but, to my knowledge, I have never taken anything from stores. If there's a therapy that's proven to work, then yes, I'd agree with that more. Either way, for people who are proven kleptomaniacs, I don't think prison/jail/conventional punishments are the answer. They won't help anything, and it's like punishing an innocent mind.
  • if they keep stealing and getting caught they can get charged with a felony 3 and have to do some jail time. so if they dont want to go to jail they should stop stealing or just not get caught.

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