• Ask her... that can go a lot of ways... either she wants to end the benefits part and just be friends, she wants to end it all, or she wants something more. No one can know but her.
  • It means she is not sure if she wants to be friends with you any longer. She needs some time to think about what your friendship means to her. She can't answer your question because your current status is unknown.
  • Lol. You should ask but you might not get a direct answer. Anyway, my guess is that she doesn't want to have sex any more unless you become her boyfriend. Either that, or, she doesn't want to have sex any more and just wants to be friends (without benefits). Maybe she doesn't know which she wants and that's why she didn't tell you what the status is yet.
  • Maybe she wants to be more than friends i.e. bf/gf, marriage etc... This is the optimism in me however, it could go the other way like mentioned in the above answers... Good luck :)
  • it means that she might be reconsidering you to be her friend with benifits agian or its just her eaier way of letting you know that she dosen't need you enymore in a more nicer way of saying buzz off, and or she might be just useing you for sex untill she finds someone else better or shes between boyfriends right now and just needs a buddy to mess with untill then.

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