• Trust me, put this question in the auto category you will get better advice and more points.
  • Check your fuel filters. You may have up to three of them. One possibly under the hood, there may be a second one in the fuel line between the tank and the pump, and in some vehicles there is a third one actually in the tank itself. Beyond that, make sure you are getting spark, without it all the fuel in the world means nothing. If it started the day before and then you aren't getting spark you may have a bad distributor. You might want to move this question to the automotive section you will get more responses.
  • If you are sure fuel is getting to the carburetor the problem is in the carburetor in not in the fuel pump.
  • Check the battery, starter, and altenator.
  • Well the fuel filter could be clogged or something in your line. Your plugs somehow could have fouled.

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