• No, that would be the best kind of greenery for me! No need to worry about too much or too little water or sunlight!
  • I don't like fake things..papier mache, silk, plastic, whatever. If I traveled a lot, I wouldn't be home to "enjoy" them anyway. If I wanted greenery, I'd get a family member or friend to water my plants..give 'em a key and let them maintain the living things...plants, animals..pick up the mail, bring in the newspapers. :)
  • lol I've also worked in I'm a sucker for live plants...the more the merrier in my world... However, when I'm working to suit a client's needs...WHAT THEY LIKE and want have to be my first priority! I can suggest, I can show..but ultimately they are going to live with unless it's such a horrible idea that I would want to decline the job...I go with what my client wants! In this case, I don't think it's horrible at all. While I prefer live plants...they can get dusty too! And now a days there are some really beautiful and well made silk plants out there. They aren't generally "cheap" but some are so convincing, I've had to look twice to be sure they weren't real!
  • I love greenery. I have good number of plants in my home garden. I have posted some photos of my neighbourhood. Let me know if you liked them.
  • They would not do well where I live.
  • I do a fair amount of gardening outdoors and live in a warm climate but if I didn't have an automatic watering system it would all be dead. I'm a little sloppy about very regular car so live plants indoors would all be dead at my house. The low maintenance nature of silk indoor plants fits my lifestyle just fine.

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