• they died
  • I can tell you what happened AFTER it: - 50% of the people overpraised the movie - 50% of the people hated it (Count me in those).
  • They were trying to trick the audience into thinking all of the actors died when the movie was first released, so I guess the answer really would be they died.
  • I'm glad I was not the only one! But a buddy explained it to me. Remember that the psycho used to stand one of the kids he used to kidnap in the corner of the cellar while he murdered another one with a hammer-blow to the skull? That is basically what we are supposed to think was going on - but seeing as the psycho was a completely different person than the 'Blair Witch' one wonders just what the heck happened to the genuinely great concept/script/movie they had up to that point - if they could only have come up with an ending equal to the rest of the movie it would have gone down as THE SCARIEST MOVIE EVER...instead of 'Wha!!!! Waitaminute thats IT!!???' etc. BTW - don't bother with the steaming load of shite that is 'Blair Witch Two'...
  • yeah pretty much the whole old missing child myth thing. how when one child was about to be killed the other would face the wall. the guys must of been like possesd or already dead or whatever... something supernatuaral while the chick then got killed by the witch or that guy. i dunno cos like there were a few stories they worked with i just assumed they all were essentially from the same thing... the blair witch.
  • if you watch the documentry realeased before the film it says that a man 1940 killed 7 children. He put one boy facing the wall while he killed another so the boy could hear the screams. thtas what's about to happen to him in the last scene.Jesus it was scary
  • I haven't seen the movie but I can imagine that they got sick of it all and decided to go and have a cup of coffee.
  • i watched in a couple of years ago so i dont clearly remember it, but i think the witch killed the guy that was just standing facing the wall in the corner and when the girl saw him she got a heart attack or something then died and collapsed.
  • What actually happened was that you wasted 90 minutes of your life.
  • Nothing actually happened. It was just a poorly arranged trick to make it seem like the photographer or someone died. The whole thing was a hoax on the viewer.
  • Oh, I thought he was like hung or tacked to the wall, since what I believe, his feet were off the ground. And the 'Witch' came from behind a wall and killed off the two.
  • The girl caught the guy having a pee in the basement and it was very embarassing for both of them.

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