• No,you're not the only one...The kid who hit your son should be suspended,not your son. Your son was only defending himself.
  • I would be extremely upset - if my child was defending herself, she's not in trouble at home. I would expect the same thing at school.
  • If the other kid also got suspended then no, I think the principle is right! If he did not then there is definatly something wrong here.
  • Reason # 2,347 why I home school my kids.
  • No, its unfair but it is a known fact that the retaliator is always the one that gets caught, bit of a bummer really, he would have been better to walk away and wait then come back and sort it out then he would have been the first if it got violent and the other kid would have been caught :o)
  • If the principal saw it happen and still suspended your son, then maybe the 'hitting back' was out of all proportion to the provocation. Have you asked for more details from the principal?
  • Children these days are expected to show some self control and walk away from a fight, always. The theory is a Zero tolerence for violence. I have a hard time deciding if it's right or not.
  • was the principal the only one saw what happened?
  • My son was 'jumped' in the restroom at his grade school by two other kids. The Principal acccepted - and admitted - that my son was totally blameless and only fought back in self defense - but under the 'zero tolerance' policy regarding school violence my son was about to be suspended for three days. I contacted the local News station and explained that this policy has unleashed a reign of terror in the school as the 'bad kids' don't care about suspensions and the 'good kids' do so won't defend themselves for the most part. I also threatened a law-suit against the school district for 'defaming' my son. The whole thing went away for us...but this stupid, stupid STUPID policy remains in place and has been used against others since. We need to take back control of our schools, our neighborhoods and our society from this kind of 'touchy - feely' new agey crap!
  • I think it is stupid and I would tell the principal so. I would also tell the principal that my son would be spending his suspension having fun and taking boxing lessons.
  • i think the school preaches the word of viloence isnt the answer to much i mean yea its not the answer but if someone hits u are u gonna stand there and say lets talk about it no ur gonna hit them back and i think the school should just maybe talk to them and ask them why they did that because bulling is my main issue in our schools around here but suspension is ridiculous
  • You are not the only one who thinks this is messed up! YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Last week my son (14)with ADHD was once again the target of cruel jokes; another kid in his class was walking on the backs of my son's shoes; when my son asked him to quit he continued so my son kicked back and struck the kid in the leg. They go back to class and the next day the parents call the principal and complaind. My Son, being honest like we taught him to be admitted it; She suspended him immediatly for two days and placed him on "Social Probation" this means no field trips ie(Career day, Great America etc.) and will not be able to walk with his class on Graduation. We appealed after we saught advice from an advocate, they denied our appeal. If anyone out there thinks that School Districts and their so-called Board are for kids...think again. Did I mention that my wife is a stand out 21 year teacher employed at the school; and this was my son's first ever incident. I understand your pain and I feel for your son.
  • It is messed up.That same thing happened to a friend's son.They punished everybody.If that were my child,I'd probably take him out to a movie :)
  • A friend of mine has a son she raised herself, he has no brothers or sisters. He never learned about being sneaky like kids often do when they have brothers and sisters, when he does something, its out in the open. When he started school, kids picked up on this, they would quickly do something to him, he would retaliate, and the teacher would just see him retaliating, not what happened. She just told him to tell the teacher when something happens, and avoid doing anything to get himself into trouble. It was starting to turn into a real problem, he needs to defend himself, but he was also being manipulated into getting into trouble, the same way kids would set up their siblings while younger, but he never had any experience with that type of stuff.
  • I'm glad to see your son is not a doormat. Congratulate yourself for raising a young man who will stand up for himself. And demand to know from that principal exactly how many shots is your son supposed to take before he sees fit to intervene. For goodness sake is he supposed to end up in the hospital before this principal does anything? Good grief.

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