• I prefer meat, please. Think of the poor plants! Nobody seems to stick up for them! Do they feel pain when they die? I'm in favor of preserving the environment and not having to replant crops repeatedly, and saving the plant life of the planet! Eat more meat!
    • Linda Joy
      Many plants will die anyway even if you don't eat them.
  • I'm somewhere in between. I eat both and like both equally.
  • Lacto Ovo Vegetarian. I hate the taste of meat!
  • Both :D
  • Just white meat and love vegetables.
  • Hey, someone has to keep the cows from sending too much methane into the ozone layer. So... I'll eat 'em! Who says I'm not Environmentally Friendly? ^_^
    • peepee poopoo
      Or we could just not factory farm them on a massive scale like we do.
    • Linda Joy
      The co2 produced BY PLANTS goes into the ozone whether they are eaten by cows, pigs, humans or bugs, or not.
  • Life long meat lover but I eat vegan food as well. I love Choplets and always have I have some in the cabinte now.
  • i'm somewhere in the middle. but i lean more toward the vegetarian side.
  • ... not quite either ... I will not consume anything that comes from a mammal, not even dairy ... but I do consume honey ... although most of my meals are vegitarian, 3 to 5 meals per month do include some sort of bird or fish (usually just cheap chicken or canned tuna, but sometimes I splurge and get better stuff, like duck, pheasant or a fresh whole Salmon or some Blue Shark Steak).
  • Veganism prevents global warming.
    • Linda Joy
      No, it doesn't. The sun causes global warming.
  • Meat lover, have been since I was a child. Take after my father in that respect. If I had to be a vegan, I could do it.
  • I eat meat, and lots of it.
  • I am a vegan, have been for six months. As for "Eltinwe has a life Swan - DYOH51"'s response - how ignorant. The land used for cattle farming and the amount of energy used in meat production is a very large contributor to global climate change. Get your facts right you imbecile!
    • Linda Joy
      Hey imbecile, its the sun that causes global warming. Get your facts straight!
  • Strict carnivore, no vegetation.
  • I love my meat. . .
  • I've always been a meat eater until a couple of months ago. All of a sudden I can't seem to eat meat. Although I have to admit, I always had to put the fact that I was eating an animal out of my mind in order to eat meat. If I fixed steak for dinner and my daughter wanted some more, she'd see if I still had some left (which I always did) and say, "that poor cow." Then she'd get the rest of my steak.
  • I was a vegetarian for the past 4 years, but recently added fish to my diet to get more protien as I don't really like beans, and other vegetarian proteins. I don't eat any other meats, although I think in the future I will probably start eating chicken again. I think each to their own, and my personal view is, if the animal is free-range, and had a happy life then it's ok.
  • Vegan. Always will be. Both my wife and I's health improved drastically when we gave meat up.
  • Pass the steak. :-)
  • chickentarian? .. i don't eat any meat except chicken .. :)
  • Meat lover here, I tried some Vegan plates and they just didn't meet my taste range. I thoroughly enjoy vegetables, preferably raw, I eat them all the time, snack on them, they are great... but some I can't stand. Not a chickpea (sp?) fan, forget tofu, and I can't stomach cooked spinach. I do love my meat though. I don't have it every day, as too much of anything isn't good for you. There's a reason that vitamins and minerals are spread throughout different foods... in order for us to be able to have and enjoy various foods and get the stuff our bodies need. Neither diet is healthier, both need moderation and are a preference.
  • Plants don't feel pain. You can't prove that they do. The only thing you can prove by making that statement is your own lack of intelligence(directed to the first answer). And raising livestock is actually much worse for the environment than growing crops. Think about the energy web for a second. Which organisms are at the bottom? Plants. There are a lot of them. And it takes a lot of plants to feed a few cows, which feed a few humans. Each year, the average cow eats: 5.7 tons of forage dry matter, 106 bushels of corn, 1,400 pounds of protein supplement, and 225 pounds of mineral/salt. If the cow stays in the herd for three lactations, multiply these last numbers by 3. One pound of dry matter equals 3 pounds of corn silage, 2 pounds of haylage, OR 1.1 pounds of hay. Do your math, sweetie. How many hungry mouths would that much grain feed? Not to mention the monumental waste created by all of those livestock, defecating and urinating all over the place. In fact, cow excrement is a significant source of pollution in our waterways. In addition, a vegetarian lifestyle is better because it lowers your cholesterol and blood pressure, and reduces your chances of getting diabetes type 1, colon cancer, heart disease, etc, etc. I don't care who eats meat. It's a personal decision. But don't feed me some bullshit, mocking line about how "the plants feel pain". That's just insulting. And ignorant.
    • Linda Joy
      It was a joke! Did becoming vegetarian take away your sense of humor? I guess I'd be pissed too if I kept telling myself every day I can't have can't have can't have.
  • I've always been a meat eater I love my meat
  • I prefer poultry, fish and eggs. I avoid eating mammals.
  • A sad meat-lover, that wishes she could go vegan :( I just love that steak and potatoes!!
  • meat lover
  • I can be both depending on the season. In winters I love to eat meat when I go out for dinners. In summer, i become vegan:)
  • I was vegetarian, now I love meat, but some veggies are still good.
  • Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian going on 25 years.
  • If God didn't want us to eat animals, He wouldn't have made them out of meat. :D
  • ive felt bad for eating meat, but then i found out that plants to feel pain, it doesnt really matter what i eat :)
  • hmm, i suppose i am half and half (I hope that doesn't offend anyone!) I quite enjoy alot of meat-free foods, especially meat-free sausages and some of the quorn things. And i certainly enjoy lots of seeds and nuts in my diet
  • red,bloody meat.I'm a 22 year old female and especially during 'certain days' I do need that ,have a huge craving,I do need the iron in it...I think pork and chicken are so so,beef is my thing
  • I'm definitely omnivorous to carnivorous. Give me a good big rare steak any day. And if it comes with a potato, that's cool. Specially if it's got cheese bacon on it. I like bacon. Or a sweet potato with nothing but butter and salt and pepper. None of that sounds very vegan to me!
  • don't be a pig eat one. i've read a lot of negative crap about meat. but no one talks about the dreeded POON VIRUS associated with a meatless diet. no, but really you can get nutritional deficiencies how about that 'scurvy'. i caught that once,my crouch burn something awful..... maybe i should ask what that was come to think of it!
  • Vegan, I know too much about meat production and think that the pleasure created for the meat-eating palate is not as worthy of consideration as the harm caused by meat production and consumption to be a fully-informed meat-eater. I also like to think about how my goods (food or not) were made when I use them. Thus, I am not able to comfortably consume meat because I value our environment and empathize with animals to a significant degree.
  • Did you mean good or evil?
  • Vegan, of course, for best health, ethics and longevity !!!!
  • Vegan - the healthier, more ethical choice!
  • Vegan. I couldn't imagine living any other way.
  • I'm an UNREPENTANT meataterian!
  • I'm vegan and have kept it up for 3 years. I haven't eaten meat in 8 years. I admit I'm not especially creative with my cooking or eating, but luckily there are many products today that cater to vegans (especially at Whole Foods) so it is a pretty easy diet to keep up if you've done your research on vitamins. It's very beneficial to the environment, animals, and one's health. That said, I generally don't talk about being vegan too much to my friends and my life is not all about me being vegan. It's just a part of me. I wish people could be a little more open-minded because I don't force my diet or beliefs on anyone.
  • I know it's bad for me, but there's nothing quite like the taste and texture of meat. If I ever get the chance to put myself in a place where I can actually get a healthy vegan diet for under $100 a month, I'll try it. Until then, cheap meat is the only way to get necessary levels of lecithin for now.
  • I eat meat at every meal for proper nutrition. Being a vegan is unwise. There is no objective reason to be a vegan. Humans are omnivores, not herbivores.
  • I'll eat veggie burgers and they are so good and I'll eat beef burgers I love salads with a lot of lettuce and don't forget the pork brains. Well I like both. I drove a Vega once too.
  • I believe most plants and animals were put on earth for the use and benefit of man. In this day and age I think we can sustain ourselves quite well without eating the flesh of another animal if that offends you, but as always trying to force others to believe as you do is wrong. Everyone should be able to choose for themselves. I eat very little meat because I'm budget conscious and don't like paying for 7 pounds of corn to get one pound of meat! It's also become costly in other ways. Cholesterol, saturated fats, calorie dense, but also tractors use fossil fuels cause erosion and water contamination and they use tons of plastic! But you also have that with veggies unless you grow your own. So I don't feel strongly about it either way. Ddt's are in everything nowadays fish are full of mercury and the only thing that universally will kill you is living to begin with so you may as well live well before you die! Someone told my ex once that smoking would take ten years off his life! He said yeah, but those are the years I'd spend drooling down my shirt anyway!
    • Venus1485
      Humans are omnivores, so vegan diet is deficient in nutrients.
  • i like meat but i would never be the one that hunts for it
  • Local organic hormone free grass fed when possible. I can live without meat as i was a vegetarian for a decade. Vegan food is yummy, yet limited in its availability when eating out which I do a lot.
  • I eat meat, and being a vegan is absurd. Humans aren't herbivores, they're omnivores.
  • We didn't fight our way to the top of the food chain to eat broccoli.
  • i like both
  • Neither. I could never be vegan. No eggs or cheese, I couldn't do that. I'm not a meat lover either. I eat a little meat, mainly fish or poultry. I also kinda feel that veganism is a fad. I've met some pretty ignorant vegans. One ate poutine, another ate mayo. The best was the one that ate bacon on grilled cheese.
  • Omnivore
  • Vegan diet can help you lose weight. Read "Vegan Diet Plan – Go Organic!" at zovon.
    • Linda Joy
  • Neither I don't eat meat but do eat Fish.
  • VEGAN since i watched earthlings and it scarred me. I cant even smell meat without gagging
  • I need meat because that is what I grew up eating,but I don't really like it.
  • Neither as both are unhealthy and extreme positions. Normal people are omnivores and have a balanced diet of meat and plants.
  • Beef lover
  • Neither I tend to be vegetarian. Though sometimes I eat fish so I suppose you could call me a pescatarian. I mean if that's the right term. If not please let me know the right term. Thank you in advance.
    • Linda Joy
      Pescatarian is the right term.
  • Vegan is not as healthy as some people think. I eat mostly plants with very little meat. Primarily because of cost, though. But even if it was given to me I can't eat a big chunk of meat at one sitting. And most burgers are way too thick!
  • Meat lover
  • Nothing burps better than bacon.

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