• All I can think of is that you are unemployed or you can't make your own ends meet if you pay the support.
  • Only reason acceptable, is if you are pushing up daisies.
  • Only if you are dead. Otherwise the child support order must be paid. If your income has gone down so that you can no longer afford the payment as set, you must go back to court and prove that the amount is too high. You cannot just stop paying or pay a lesser amount without ramifications.
  • If the mother was richer than the father and HE has his own kids to care for I would consider that. I think low income can be legitimate if it gets cleared by the court.
  • I agree with the answer of being unemployed and supporting other children. My husband had a baby with another woman while we were married and he has been ordered to pay her $200 a month. He is unemployed and stays home and cares for our two children while I work. This other woman also makes more money than me. I dont see why he should have to pay her. And a judge told my husband to get his wife (me) to pay it, which I also think is bullshit.
  • You have to prove to the court system what financial status you're in. Maybe entitled to a reduction

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