• Yes. I have always thought so. I have always got upset at how easily people say, "I got heaps of fish today".
  • Yes, i hate that f***ing sport and when my uncles asks me to go fishing with him! I know its just as bad as killing other animals to eat but theres just something about it i dont like, probably because i have witnessed it first-hand.
  • No. I believe that fish were put on earth for us to eat.
  • I think to 'play' at fishing, catching them and then letting them go free just for YOUR enjoyment is cruel and senseless. I think working hard to catch fish and then eating them isn't cruel and makes common sense and good use of a life. What I really hate are these senseless laws on Deep Sea fishing where if you catch something you aren't supposed to keep they make you let it go. The fish WILL DIE! You brought it up from great depths and it will never survive, but we have to let them go???? THAT IS CRUEL!.......AND STUPID!
  • I sure don't like it. It looks cruel to me.
  • Actually fish lack the complex laminar structures that we have to process pain. The fish do not feel pain like we do, and other studies measuring hormones from the HPA axis show that fish are only slightly stressed from being caught and if returned quickly many return to their normal life withing hours. So, it is not cruel like many of you think, it is just a great way to learn about and enjoy nature. If you have questions or want references, Email me at <><
  • Not to the fish.
  • not in the least bit. its a load of fun. and they taste good!
  • I don't think it's cruel, but everyone has to make their own decision on something like this. I don't fish, but eat fish occasionally and someone had to catch it. It didn't just hop on my plate like in the movie theater.
  • I think fishing just for fun is cruel even if the fish supposidly dont feel the pain or become very stressed thats not what they are for. i believe animals were put on earth for us to eat so catching them for food is absolutly fine. would you like to get a hook through your jaw then be thrown back into some water, No!
  • My opinion, no. We hunt and raise our own meat to butcher and eat so this goes along with the whole natural part for us. We try to live as organically as possible and this is how we accomplish that. We eat meat and we respect the animals, we don't abuse them or torment them or shoot them with hormones, we treat them with respect, there are disrespectful ways to kill a fish, trust me. Others may disagree, but this is my opinion and that is what you asked for. ;~}
  • No. I commercial fished for years. When I sport I only fish for what I want to eat. I don't believe in catch and release.
  • I think it CAN be cruel if not done correctly. Skewering a fish on a small tree branch and throwing it up on the river bank as it flops around gasping for air is pure torture. They can't breathe and they dry out. A miserable way to live your last moments on earth....regardless whether they can feel pain like we can or not. Every living thing is embued with an extremely strong will to survive. Either throw the fish back (not talking about deep seas here) or kill it with a merciful blow to the head if you are going to eat it.
  • Yeah I think so. But then again, survival is in our biological structure so can't blame anyone for doing it.
  • True that fish exists on earth as a part of life-cycle, but playing catch and release is just difficult to be accepted by some groups. Same question if someone ask, can we eat "this animal"? Oh, no we cannot because it's a pet. See what I mean? There's no right or wrong answer for this question.
  • no, they have no nerve endings= no brains, they dont feel shit, science is awesome............. It is like a alive tomato
  • No, it's no cruel. The physiology of the fish make it safe for soft hearted people to enjoy the sport and know they are not causing pain. Fishing is a relaxing activity.
  • Fishing is not cruel,people who think so either never have fished before or never enjoyed it. Have a large northern pike bite your fingers and youll see what pain really is
  • i think its awesome. i love fishing !!!!!!!!!!!
  • &quot;Cruelty can be described as indifference to suffering and even positive pleasure in inflicting it. " Source and further information: I hope that many people fishing don't have positive pleasure in inflicting suffering. But they must have some indifference to animal suffering. Even if the fished animals would die some day or other, some way or other, you are shortening their life. Imagine you would put a hook in a plush mice, go on the street with one of those and try to catch some cats. If they bite, you would drown them in water or knock them dead. That would be similar to fishing for me. Wouldn't that be cruel?
  • If you do not like fishing here are a few facts. A fishing hook only catches on the fishes lip and it can notfell pain there. There are more fishes than 2 times the population of the world
  • No, I think not yo...
  • No we eat fish.. fish eat stuuff... that stuff eets stuff...etc etc Except nobody eats us muhahahahaha
  • killing is cruel and harming the way that an animal functions is too but fishing is not plain and simple
  • If you had a sadistic father it sure came out fishing.

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