• I belong to a credit union and the charge just $30.00 for any negative balance in my account.
  • It depends on your banking arrangements. The "line of credit" may very well charge interest, but it may be wort it to avoid a $25 or $30 NSF fee for each transaction. (This is part of why I use credit cards and have enough cash in the bank to pay my bill in full and still have some cushion.)
  • Yes... Most likely you own them both what you overdrafted (putting your account back in the black) PLUS the overdraft charge. Any checks written (or debits) AFTER the initial overdraft will incur another OD charge, and many times, they recharge ANY overdraft charges after a period of time (say a week) until it's clear (positive). If you get multiple OD charges, though, if you call them, they MAY remove SOME, if you made deposits to cover what you owed them, and an overdraft note MAY have crossed in the mail. My bank charges $32 per overdraft. (NOTE: SOME banks/accounts will have overdraft protection loans, and yes... THEY will charge interest on those loans, too.)
  • Our bank would put in $100.00 blocks and then charge another $24.00 for doing so. We would have to pay back the $124.00, although it may have only been a few dollars over. Every bank is different. Yours can explain it's policies to you if you ask.
  • My bank charges a NSF fee of $35 per day.
  • I refuse overdraft protection. It is a banking industry scam. Back in the day it was mandatory. Then laws were changed to let one opt out. Not long after, the banks all got together and cancelled the free checking.

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