• set it to go to 2 wheel then try going in reverse for about 10 ft, if you havent fixed the problem already. it should just click back into 2 wheel.
  • It some cases it REALLY helps to read the owners manual!!! To get it our of 4WD low, you need to put your vehical in Nuetral, shift from 4WDLow to either 4WDHigh or 2WD...Woo laaa,,,,,should be good to go!!
  • sometimes there is no owners manual with the car-So think before you try to make someone feel soooo stupid- REALLY! I still think it was sweet to help the girl tho'- Maybe you can help me sometime- no offense but when someone is panickink about a situation because they are worried that their significant other might be giving you a fit......blablabla- catch my drift? DeeAnne

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