• Hi Suzy, I'm sure you are going to take her back to your vet and they will be able to advise you more, I don't know if this is the end, but she is old now and I'm sure you have given her a great life, When the time comes I hope you do the right thing for her and let her go. Good Luck with it, I really hope it works out ok for you.
  • What does your Vet say about the original collapse? Any ideas on why it happened? Without seeing the x-rays I'm forced to guess that in her normal daily movements, it is possible that it has shifted some more and maybe now adding some pressure to her eye ball; or some other nerves within her head. It maybe time to speak with the Vet about what is going to be BEST FOR THE DOG. Quality of Life is really what matters the most. I am sure you love her dearly, but if she is going to be developing a bunch of additional problems, discomforts and confusions associated with this, you may want to consider thinking about putting her down, rather than allowing all that she knows, loves and trusts to begin to fade or change too much in her mind. I'm sorry you are having to face and go through this, it is an odd situation, but ultimately one each of us may face when we love and have companion animals. Bless you both.
  • I'm answering my own question (which I posted because I was too worried to sleep!). My dog is on prednisone to make her more comfortable, but this caved-in-head situation will likely not be the cause of her demise (unless she whacks her head on something just right). There is no "cure" or surgery - except to inject fat into the area and that's only a cosmetic solution. Most dogs get the cave-in on both sides - and die of other causes. Big sigh of relief here! How to tell if the situation becomes dangerous? The dog will have difficulty (and pain) opening or closing her mouth, and looking into the mouth should reveal bulges and irregularities... No problems in Fleas' mouth, and she can go on and off the prednisone as needed. I hope this answer gives comfort to somebody else, some day. And thank you to the people who responded with their wisdom, if not medical solutions!

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