• It's called 'stage fighting'. It's not real at all.
  • 1. I don't know. 2. A little bit of slapping isn't much worse than what you'd cop in any game of sport. They probably cop a little bit, even if it's just when they accidentally walk into a punch or something. 3. With good martial arts training you can throw a full force punch or kick and pull it just short of contact. 4. I think that dubbing in extra loud sound effects is what really makes it seem that much worse. 5. Remember too, every time they change camera angles is an opportunity to stop the fight sequence and plan the next bit.
  • Most of this sort of action is done by stunt doubles,that are professional at what they do.It is rehearsed many times and well choreographed to make it look real.If the real actor is punching,the fist stops just before it hits the body,and is shot at angles. If you look at old tv shows you can see how fake it really is.
  • either by stunt doubles or with training from the pros in stage fighting, however some actors like Terry Bollea (Hulk Hogan, rocky 3 mr nanny no holds barred and suburban commando) Dwayne Johnson (the rock, walking tall welcome to the jungle game plan etc) and even Sylvester Stallone have had some training in professional wrestling so they know how to fight without actually hurting the other person legit.
  • practice and sceneblocking

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